Simple and complete plant to produce Biomethane from raw Biogas, without activated carbons pre-treatment and without drying chiller.

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Integrated Bio-LNG conditioning and liquefaction plant starting from Biomethane, without the use of liquid nitrogen, even starting from small flow rates and with modular execution.

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H2 Genio

Hydrogen generation directly on site, simply starting from Natural Gas, even starting from small flow rates and up to industrial sizes.

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Power-to-Gas e Methanation

Production of Biomethane and Renewable Gas from CO2 e H2. The plants are available both on the basis of biological and single-stage catalytic methanation.

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Humic and fulvic acids

Plants for the extraction, purification and packaging of humic and fulvic acids from stabilized biological substrates.

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Green Chemistry & Building Blocks

Complete plants for the production of basic chemical compounds from biological origin, starting from extraction from stabilized biological substrates to synthesis and purification.

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Electrochemical Reactors

Design and construction of electrochemical plants and reactors used both for advanced hydrogen generation and for the electrochemical synthesis of renewable substances.

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Fluidized bed gasification

Fluidized bed gasification of waste and industrial by-products directly at the production site, generating gas to reduce consumption of methane, for the production of electricity or Biomethane.

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Treatment of vegetable oils and animal fats for fuel use

Complete plants for fuel production, without chemical modification, suitable for cogeneration, starting from vegetable oils or animal fats, with high acidity.

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Natural Gas Mixing and Reducing Stations

Design, construction and certification of plants for the industrial use of Natural Gas. Executions on skid or in ISO containers, PED certifications from cat. I to IV, and ATEX groups from IIA to IIC.

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Process plants

Design, turn-key construction and certification of plants for the chemical process industry, also in modular construction with a high level of prefabrication.

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Pilot plants

Design, turn-key construction and certification of plants for the development of innovative processes aimed at industrial implementation on a commercial scale.

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Lab plants

Design, turn-key construction and certification of lab plants for the characterization of innovative processes aimed at collecting accurate and precise experimental data.

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Product Qualification Plants

Design, turn-key construction and certification of product qualification plants to support the production processes, including automation for the execution of internal protocols or by certification bodies, including lot traceability.

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