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HYSYTECH S.r.l. Design and development of new process technologies

Hysytech is an engineering company founded in 2003, specialized in the design, development and industrial implementation of new turn-key process technologies and equipment.
Our skills start from the know-how in chemical and process engineering, up to commissioning, monitoring and maintenance.

We operate mainly in the field of generation, treatment and recovery of industrial gases, cryogenics, organic liquids and energy, according to the best engineering practices, also through the implementation of our technologies for hydrogen, biomethane and bio-LNG.

Stirling Cryogenics, cryogenic technology specialist


Stirling Cryogenics, cryogenic technology specialist, originally founded by technology giant Philips in 1954, is part of HYSYTECH group since 2018. Stirling Cryogenics designs, builds and supplies cryogenic solutions based on the (reversed) Stirling thermodynamic cycle, with a long history, highly reliable record and high efficiency, with over 4,000 installations in operation and 6,000 Cryogenerators worldwide.

The main products are stand-alone liquid Nitrogen production systems (StirLIN’s), which produce liquid Nitrogen (LN2) on site and custom-made cryogenic cooling systems based on the Stirling Cryocoolers (Liquid Oxygen, Methane, Argon, Helium and CO2 besides Nitrogen). As Stirling Cryogenics proudly celebrates their 70th anniversary in 2024, it looks forward to continued leadership and innovation in the industry.

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Today, tomorrow and in the future ahead of us, more and more technology and knowledge (know-how) are the main competitive advantage to make new and better products, with high performance, sustainability and through more competitive processes.


The process we offer to our customers is the same we follow in the internal development of our technologies, working with the same professionalism, experience and passion that our team puts into play in all the challenges it faces.


Building a wealth of experience, technological innovation and process, applying engineering to create a bridge between science and society, between technology and people, through the industrial implementation of products in everyday life.

Filling the gap

When you’re exploring a potential new project, it’s easy to underestimate the size of the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. This feature makes Hysytech a flexible and all-around resource, capable to provide high quality and competitive services.
We help you to fill this gap.



How can innovation really help our customers?

• product innovation: giving the product the characteristics of value that others on the market do not have or cannot satisfy;
• process innovation: modify the process by which the product is produced, so that its cost is the most competitive, its cycle is the shortest and its quality is higher and more constant.


and Operating Performances

Our operating performance reflects our experience: most of it is linked to the construction of industrial facilities, followed by the construction of pilot or lab plants, reflecting the commitment to innovation that characterizes us.



Hysytech is the strategic partner for the development of the most innovative technologies: we create customized solutions, without specific constraints to equipment or technologies, providing a complete service.

Maintenance and O&M

Technological Developments


Power-to-Gas e Methanation; Humic and fulvic acids; Green Chemistry & Building Blocks; Electrochemical Reactors; Fluidized bed gasification; Treatment of vegetable oils and animal fats for fuel use.

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“Our goal is to bring Hysytech customers to be market leaders for innovation and competitiveness”
Massimiliano Antonini, Managing Director

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The Staff

Our staff has professional skills gained from direct experience in the field, in the execution of complex projects in the chemical industry and in process plants.

We follow each project with a dedicated multidisciplinary team, able to take care of all the design and execution aspects necessary to deliver a complete product.

This feature makes Hysytech a flexible and all-around resource, capable to provide high quality and competitive services

Hysytech's staff

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Strada del Drosso, 33/18, I 10135, Turin, Italy

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Via I° Maggio, 5, I 10043, Orbassano (TO), Italy
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